Frequently Asked Questions

System requirements:

  • 1. A desktop or laptop computer is required. The program is not accessible from tablets or mobile devices.
  • 2. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are recommended. Internet Explorer is not compatible.
  • 3. We are cloud based. You don't need to download or install anything.

What is Class Composer?

Class Composer is an online software program for elementary schools. Our vision is to create positive learning environments. Our mission is to help elementary schools make better student placement decisions more efficiently.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. For $699/year your whole school gets access to all of the features and capabilities of Class Composer including support.

How hard is it to learn to use? Do we need any special training?

We made the software intuitive and user-friendly so the learning curve is easy. After you’ve registered and completed the set up steps a great way to train your staff is to present the Classroom Teacher User Guide during professional development time. Then as soon as the training ends have your staff log in to their teacher dashboard to begin the process.

At our school the administration does the work to create classes. Can we create classes in your program without involving our classroom teachers?

Yes, you can. Follow the Registration and Set Up Guide directions until you get to the last step - Notifications. At this step don’t send the invite emails to your teachers. Then follow the Admin Compose directions located in the Administrator User Guide.

How does the class creation process work?

The process starts with classroom teachers. Individually, classroom teachers enter their roster and assess their students on the Student Cards. Collectively, the grade level teachers compose the new classes for the grade level above them for next year. When they are done they will send the newly composed classes to administration. Administration will review, make any possible changes, and then finalize class lists.

What happens after the new class lists are finalized by administration?

Our system transitions to current year use. Classroom teachers receive their new classes in their Classroom View. They can quickly learn about their new students from the Student Cards filled in by last year’s teacher.

Teachers can then start assessing their students for the new school year. The Digital Data Wall will show all the student information for the entire grade level for the new year. Previous year student information can be accessed from the Digital Data Wall also.

Then at the end of the school year classes can be created again for the next school year. The cycle repeats.

Can we move students into other classes after we’ve migrated all of our students to the next school year?

Yes, you can. Please refer to the Moving Students After Migration section of the Administrator User Guide for detailed directions.

Is the historical record on students saved?

Yes. Teachers and administration will have access to the historical record of every student.

Can we customize the program to fit our needs?

Yes. You can create your own unique identifiers and assessment fields during the initial setup process. These will appear in the Student Card and in the Digital Data Wall.

Can we import student data into Class Composer?

Yes. Student rosters and assessment scores can be uploaded through a csv file. Please follow the directions in the Registration and Set Up Guide on how to upload data.

Can we use the program to create classes for our incoming Kindergarten students?

Yes, you can. Please refer to the Incoming Students Compose section of the Administrator User Guide for detailed directions.

Is there a way our teachers can create classes without next year’s teacher names being visible?

Yes. Follow the Blind Sort directions located in the Administrator User Guide.

How does the placement requests work?

Classroom teachers can enter one of three requests on the Student Card: keep with teacher, keep with another student, or do not place with another student. Once they are selected the algorithm will honor these requests. Placement requests can be overridden on the compose screen.

Placement requests are optional but we feel they can make a big difference for certain students.

What information is required to be entered on the Student Card?

Academic (reading, writing, and math) and Life Skills (behavior and work skills) ratings are required to enable the algorithm to run. Assessments, Identifiers, Notes, and Placement Requests are optional.

Why do you use a 9 - 1 academic rating scale?

We feel a 9 - 1 scale gives educators the option to be more precise when assessing students. For example, when a child is rated a three (proficient) as a reader on a standards based grading scale of 4 - 1 it’s difficult to tell if this child is a barely proficient reader or a strong proficient reader. In our system a four designates a barely proficient reader while a six designates a strong proficient reader.

Why should we use the Digital Data Wall to track student data throughout the year when we have our own system to do this?

Oftentimes the student information you care about is stored in different locations and in different formats. Our system combines this data making it simple to analyze. Teachers are finally able to see a full picture of their students at a glance. Learn more: Year Round Value with Class Composer

How does the free trial work?

The free trial is a true pilot with real student data. You will have access to the full functionality of the program which will allow the creation of new classes for the next academic year for one grade level.

How do we get started with the free trial?

As the school representative click on the Try for Free button on our home page and follow the instructions in the: Free Trial Guide.

Will our setup information be lost if we upgrade to a paid subscription?

No. All the setup and registration information will remain along with the newly composed classes completed by the trial grade level. Upgrading will give you access to the program for all your grade levels.

How do we upgrade to a full subscription?

On the left side of the administration dashboard you will see an Upgrade now button. Select this button to enter the payment information. Then enter the rest of your teachers, assign them to classrooms, and invite them to join at the Notifications step. Here are the detailed instructions: Upgrade Instructions.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. Please fill up the quote request form.

Where can we get a copy of your W-9?

Here is the link to access: Class Composer W-9

Do you accept American Express?

Yes. We also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Which browser should we use?

Chrome and Firefox are recommended. Please do not use Internet Explorer.